MitoPrime, the Complete Action Oral Cyto-Protectant

[The next step in human physiology]

Longevity and Lifelong Health

MitoPrime combats the proven “hallmarks of aging”

Boost Immune Response

MitoPrime keeps the sentinels of your health, healthy

The Farthest-Reaching Antioxdant known

MitoPrime protects what was once considered unprotectable

Cell Health
Increase Cell Viability

MitoPrime increases the percentage of healthy, fully functioning cells by 45%

Reduce Cellular Inflammation

MitoPrime helps keep your cells, vital organs, and DNA inflammation-free.

The #1 Predictor of Longevity

MitoPrime helps protect your DNA and mitochondria for genomic stability

MitoPrime, the New “Longevity Vitamin”

Employing the Previously Unknown Nutrient Transporter ETT (OCTN1)


“Pathway to Longevity.” That’s the name given to a project that spanned 10 countries, involved over 100 scientists, and lasted 8 years. Spearheaded by NNB Biotech & Global Research Labs, it began with the discovery of a new human biological pathway, first called OCTN1, now known as ETT.

Research would show that ETT/OCTN1 is an “evolutionary conserved” pathway, meaning that it’s as essential for life today as it was for our ancestors.

ETT is a nutrient transporter that is specific to an unusual amino acid, ergothioneine. Scientists first called ergothioneine “unusual” because it is the only known nutrient with its own specific transporter, ETT.

Unusual, as well, because of its singular ability to regulate such a vast number of vital biological processes, all pertaining to health and longevity. That includes increasing the number of healthy cells in the body, eliminating free radicals in regions previously thought impossible to reach, reducing inflammation, keeping DNA healthy and creating genomic stability, the #1 predictor of longevity.

Today, it’s been aptly named “The Longevity Vitamin.” Vitamin, because your body can’t make it by itself. Now, thanks to NNB’s patented technologies, ergothioneine’s full potential has finally been realized. Its name is MitoPrime. And it’s your pathway to longevity.

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