“MitoPrime is a potent multi-pathway anti-inflammatory that acts on the proven ‘root causes’ of inflammation.”

Good inflammation versus the bad – know the difference

Cellular inflammation is both a curse and a blessing. Say you get a splinter. It turns red, swells up, and hurts. That’s good, because your body viewed the splinter as an “invader,” and it released various mediators to “protect the injured area. Then, usually in a few days, all is well again. This is known as acute inflammation, the good inflammation.

Problems start when the inflammation lasts for several months, years, or in some cases, decades. This is the curse known as chronic inflammation, the bad inflammation. Chronic inflammation can lead to cell and tissue death, ushering in unwanted conditions of the heart, brain.

MitoPrime is proven to reduce chronic cellular inflammation

It’s well known that cellular inflammation can damage cells, tissues, organs, and DNA. Over time, this can lead to tissue death and the development of various conditions including type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cognitive decline. Dealing with chronic inflammation has never been simple, as the root causes involve complex, and often conflicting, biological pathways.

MitoPrime reduces chronic inflammation via the proven biological pathways. This anti-inflammatory action, in combination with the antioxidant, immune-boosting, and genome-protecting actions, makes MitoPrime the first complete action cyto-protectant, with the well-deserved name of Longevity Vitamin.

The science behind MitoPrime’s anti-inflammatory function

Study 1:

MitoPrime inhibits the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines, interleukin (IL)-6, and IL-8.(1)

Study 2:

Pre-treatment of 3T3-L1 cells for 2 h with MitoPrime (ergothioneine) significantly inhibited the TNF-α-induced IL-6 release(2)

Study 3:

MitoPrime (ergothioneine) was able to exert anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting IL-6 modulation. (3)

Study 4:

Ergothioneine pre- and post-treatment generally decreased lung injury and lung inflammation in cytokine insufflated rats.(4)

Study 5:

MitoPrime exerted anti-inflammatory activity with its inhibitory effects on lysine chloramine formation induced by HOCl.(5)

Study 6:

MitoPrime modulates inflammatory responses induced by treatment of cells with H2O2, tumor necrosis factor-α, or palmitic acid.(6)

Conclusion: “MitoPrime is a potent anti-inflammatory as well as powerful anti-oxidant and immune booster. This rare combination of bio-actions makes MitoPrime the ideal candidate for use as a protective agent (for healthy cells) and a restorative agent (for damaged cells).”

MitoPrime, the Complete Action Oral Cyto-Protectant

[The next step in human physiology]

Longevity and Lifelong Health

MitoPrime combats the proven “hallmarks of aging”

Boost Immune Response

MitoPrime keeps the sentinels of your health, healthy

The Farthest-Reaching Antioxdant known

MitoPrime protects what was once considered unprotectable

Cell Health
Increase Cell Viability

MitoPrime increases the percentage of healthy, fully functioning cells by 45%

Reduce Cellular Inflammation

MitoPrime helps keep your cells, vital organs, and DNA inflammation-free.

The #1 Predictor of Longevity

MitoPrime helps protect your DNA and mitochondria for genomic stability

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