Longevity and Lifelong health

“MitoPrime, the new ‘longevity vitamin’ protects your cells, tissues, and organs for a long, healthy, robust life.”

The biological pathway to a long, healthy life

The largest study ever conducted on aging recently concluded that ‘genomic stability is the #1 predictor of longevity.’ The study found that what creates genomic stability is healthy, fully-functioning, structurally sound DNA. (see our section on genomic stability). The four pathways to healthy DNA are immune strength, antioxidant protection, anti-inflammatory action, and the direct elimination of the DNA-damaging halogen acids.

There’s a scientifically valid reason why MitoPrime (the bio-perfected for of ergothioneine) is classified as the Longevity Vitamin. MitoPrime is the only naturally occurring, oral compound that is proven to exert a profound effect on all four pathways that affect DNA health and stability. It’s classified as a vitamin because your body cannot make it, so it must be obtained through intake.

MitoPrime, DNA protection, genomic stability and longevity

  1. MitoPrime: direct DNA protection

    Hypochlorous acid and hypobromous acid mangle DNA and alter its shape, structure, and functionality. These destructive acids cause DNA mutations that replicate, disrupting the proper chain of biological events.

    MitoPrime scavenges and eliminates both hypochlorous acid and hypobromous acid. What’s more, MitoPrime’s bio-protective action lasts round the clock. We believe that MitoPrime is the only natural oral ingredient that can make these claims.

  2. MitoPrime: DNA protection via antioxidant activity

    Free radicals can inflict damage on the entire cell, including the DNA. MitoPrime eliminates all four major causes of free radical production and the full spectrum of radical types. (see our section on antioxidants). Even more important, MitoPrime eliminates the most lethal radical that exists, singlet oxygen, up to 75 times better than any known antioxidant today.

  3. MitoPrime: DNA protection via anti-inflammatory action

    Inflammation results in DNA damage. The body’s natural response to inflammation is the production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species meant to attack pathogens. But these oxidants can also damage the body’s own biomolecules, including DNA. This leads to a host of unwanted conditions.

    MitoPrime is proven to reduce inflammation through the known scientific pathways (see our section on inflammation).

  4. MitoPrime: DNA protection via immune strength

    Many viral proteins have been shown to cause DNA lesions directly. That’s why its important to keep up immune strength to both your innate and adaptive immune systems (see our section on immunity).

    A recent clinical finding, published on PubMed states: “supplementation with ergothioneine (MitoPrime) can result in a more enhanced innate and adaptive disease resistance.” [PMCID: PMC5256913; PMID: 28114402] To see the clinical highlights on how MitoPrime boosts the innate and adaptive immune response, click on the immunity link in the paragraph above.